8-C-1 2020 Vision

My vision for the year 2020 definitely includes a lot more technology and innovation in the world and in the classroom.  Changes in our world will lead to higher expectations for our education and its results.  More advancements in technology will bring about easier and more efficient ways of doing things which usually results in more knowledge and learning for all involved.  Here in 2017 we have so many ways of communicating with others that includes blogging, vodcasting, social media and many others.  It’s hard to imagine that there will be any more ways of connecting with others, but I see 2020 bringing many more opportunities to communicate with others leading to more connections being made around the world. Some of the advancements will probably be so pivotal that it may be hard to imagine right now what they will be.  This will definitely lead to more opportunities and advancements in education and learning.

I also think there will be huge advancements in social media and the way that we share information with the world.  This change is exciting, but also worrisome.  As social media grows, so does the need for teaching our students and our own children how to use it in appropriate ways.  With many new advancements also will come many new ways to share our lives with others.  This can be a good thing, but can also be damaging if we are not educated in using the technology in the right way.  Social media can change the dynamic of our classroom and make it easier for students to share thoughts, feelings, and knowledge, but also our responsibility as teachers continues to grow as our students discover more opportunities to use it.

I would hope that as I start to integrate changes and new technology into my classroom that my students’ learning opportunities will grow and change.  I hope that discoveries in technology will help me to reach my students in new and different ways, and that they are able to show me what they know in new and different ways.  I hope that changes will continue to help to make our jobs as teachers slightly easier, and give us the ability to always try to present information to our students in fun and innovative ways.  Along with these changes, also come the challenges of not allowing technology to make our teaching impersonal.  I feel like sometimes we can get so caught up in using technology that we tend to forget that we are the teacher and that the technology is not.  Although we definitely want to continue to use technology especially as new advancements come about, we want to always remember that sometimes our students just need us to be the teacher and not to give them another way to look at something or do something different.

I think that in the next 3 years leading up to 2020 we will see many new ideas in technology and ways of learning.  I am truly excited to see what comes about, and as a teacher cannot wait to see how I can continue to use technology to make my classroom one that is more connected and innovative.  I think that the world we live in will change in many ways, and the way that we work and communicate with one another will also change.  We will be able to learn more about one another in easier and more efficient ways.  We will know about happenings going on in the world sooner than ever, and we will be able to gather feedback and information from others more quickly than ever before.  All of these changes can be wonderful, but also will give us more pitfalls to have to avoid.  Also, with the ability to get information so quickly it is hard to keep anything private, or keep our students from seeing information and pictures that may not be appropriate for the age level.  Along with changes that the years will bring, will come many decisions and rulings in the world and especially in schools about the appropriate use of technology and how we can allow our students to use it, but also protect them from the negatives that can sometimes come with it.

In an article entitled “Mapping the Future of Education,” it gave the statistic that 65% of our grade school students will work in jobs that don’t exist today.  I find this so fascinating because it proves my point that the many of the changes and shifts that we will see in technology will be so innovative that in today’s world are even hard to begin to imagine.  Based off of this idea, the article goes on to stress the importance of trying to anticipate new technologies and trying to contemplate how we will integrate them into our schools. At the beginning of my post I also included an image that shows how all of the technological changes will affect the world we live in and education.

I see the world, education, and technology as three concepts that are all connected to one another.  By this I mean that they all work together and also affect one another.  As our world changes, so does education and technology, as technology changes so does the world and education, and as education changes so must our world and the way we use our technology.  As we move toward the future, I think the most important thing we can do is embrace changes and take them as they come.  Before I took Building Online Collaborative Environments that would have been really hard for me to do, but now I am looking forward to seeing what technologies are discovered in the upcoming years, and how I will be able to use them in my classroom.  I think I will definitely be a new kind of teacher.  One that isn’t afraid to try new things, and isn’t afraid that something may go wrong when using technology.  I will embrace the idea of always having a back-up plan and look forward to the opportunities that can occur when the world, technology, and education grow and learn together.



James, P. (2014, November 13). Mapping The Future Of Education Technology. Retrieved February 27, 2017, from https://www.fastcoexist.com/1680348/mapping-the-future-of-education-technology




2 thoughts on “8-C-1 2020 Vision

  1. Hi, Jennifer,
    What stood out to me about your post is our shared vision for how much technology will change the educational landscape. I think you have reason to worry about the advancements in social media tools, as they can be tools for good and evil. We need to make sure we are teaching students appropriate “netiquette” so they thrive in this type of digital learning environment.

    I also appreciated the statistic you mentioned regarding jobs and careers that do not yet exist. It can be difficult preparing students for the unknown, but that also makes the process so exciting! We are only bound by our own limitations.



  2. I think our visions are are similar. Change is a good thing but it can be worrisome especially for our own children. I agree that embracing these changes is our best bet because technology isn’t slowing down. I found it really interesting that 65% of grade school students will work in jobs that don’t exist today. That amazes me! You made some excellent points & I hope you continue exploring technology in you classroom 🙂


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