7-A-1 Big Shifts -#1 Open Content

How has this shift affected your teaching practice so far?

This shift has affected my teaching by creating a sense of freedom in feeling that can venture from the normal textbooks and use other resources to teach my students.  With the information that is at our fingertips, it is so easy to introduce concepts and information to the students without using the normal textbooks.  Also, with the information online usually being more current than our textbooks, it is also nice to use online information as a supplement to the textbooks.  Using the information available online, I am able to present my students with up to date information and facts more efficiently than ever before.

How do you expect it might affect you in the future?

I feel that this shift will only open up more opportunities for setting textbooks aside when teaching my students.  The resources available to teachers are only going to grow, and the accessibility of information is only going to increase.  This is going to allow for more freedom to be able to help my students learn in non-traditional ways.  In some ways, I feel it will make my job easier in that I am able to provide information to my students in a simple, yet effective way.

Have your views changed since you started this course?

Even before this course I have always been willing to use technology and the internet to enhance my teaching, but this course has introduced me to so many new resources to aid in my teaching and has helped me to feel comfortable in using a lot of them.  Also, I never really used technology as a way for myself to gain information about my teaching practices, but just as something to use to find information for my students. This course has really allowed me to see how much information is readily available for teachers to help shape our teaching strategies.

How can you use technology to facilitate this shift in your own classroom?

I can use this technology as a replacement to the everyday monotony of reading out of a textbook.  I will certainly look towards textbooks in some situations, but will definitely move towards using the information that is provided on the web on a daily basis.  I will also teach my students how to find the information available to them online and make sure that it is accurate and up to date.





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