6-A-3 Responding to Connectivism

Here is the link to the wiki page that I am responding to:


I think Group B did a great job in posting their thoughts on the argument against Connectivism.  I actually agree with the statements made by them, and feel that they have a strong basis upon which their beliefs rest.  The main reason that I feel Connectivism may not be the best option for students, is the belief that it is hard to assess the students to find out what they really know.  As teachers we all need some way to find out what our students know and be able to gather feedback about their learning.  If Connectivism does not allow for this, then I would say there are major loopholes in the theory.

Also, when discussing the idea of Connectivism as a learning theory, it is believed that providing an online environment is vital to the success of it.  On a blog post discussing Connectivism it uses the quote that, “Although we live in a society where social networking is at the order of the day, learners in schools from all over the world do not currently have the language and technical ability to support social collaboration and learning by connecting to an online environment using a tool such as a computer to feed information into a learning community, that allows for interaction, sharing, dialoguing, and thinking together.” (Siemens, 2004).  I feel this exact idea is why Connectivism may not be a relevant learning theory.  For Siemens theory to be successful there need to be connections.  If there are barriers that hinder the creation of these connections, then the theory does not provide the successful learning environment that is core of Connectivism.



Human, P. (1970, January 01). For or against Connectivism as a learning theory? Retrieved February 16, 2017, from http://vygotskysneglectedlegacy.blogspot.com/2011/10/for-or-against-connectivism-as-learning.html


One thought on “6-A-3 Responding to Connectivism

  1. I agree with you that it is tough to gauge learning when there may be barriers for some students. It may be lack of technology to connect or how student make connections or create networks. The idea that all students are learning through this process isn’t very easy to assess. I do think that technology can assist in learning but I do not agree that this should a basis for teaching or learning.


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