5-A-1 Flickr Possibilities


The first idea I had on how to use Flickr in my classroom was to include it when teaching cross-curricular lessons. Many of our weekly Language Arts stories cover topics in Geography, History, Social Studies, and Science. As a class we could use Flickr to collect images based off the topic we are covering for the week. One topic that came to mind first was the desert. We read a story titled “A Walk in the Desert.” The story talks about deserts including their various climates, the animals that live there, and the many locations of deserts throughout the world. Living in Pennsylvania, my students usually have only heard of a desert and know that it has sand and camels. Using Flickr to search and collect pictures of deserts could be an efficient way to show my students many different examples of what a desert looks like and what is in a desert. The picture I chose to include in my blog post could teach my students that some deserts even have snow!

[Snow-Covered Star Dune]. (2017, January 17). Retrieved February 5, 2017, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/greatsanddunesnpp/32587062711/


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