4-D-1 Wikis in Your Classroom

Is there a particular example of a classroom wiki which inspired you?
I think the Flat Classroom Wiki is such a neat idea. While there may be some negatives that come with the overabundance of technology in our culture, one true positive is the fact that technology can connect people from two completely different parts of the world. It is so cool that students from two completely different walks of life were able to collaborate and share ideas on the same book that they were all reading at the same time. I could do a simple version of this in my 2nd grade classroom, and just create a “pen pal” wiki where my students could connect and share stories or ideas with another 2nd grade class somewhere in the country, or even the world.
What was most challenging about creating a wiki together as a group in Activity 4-C-1?
The most challenging part of creating a wiki together was the collaboration part of it. It was really hard to try to create something with other people who are on different schedules then you. When I set out to complete an assignment, I like to write it up, check it over, and then complete it. With a wiki it was very hard for me to have to “wait” for others to be able to complete the assignment.
What did you learn from the group wiki project?
I learned the basics of wikis by completing the group wiki project. I had heard of wikis before, but have never worked to complete a wiki. It was interesting to see how they work and how we can add and edit our own information and the information added by others as well.
Has your opinion of Wikipedia changed at all this week?
My opinion of Wikipedia really hasn’t changed this week. I have always known Wikipedia to be a site used to find information on really any topic you can think of, but I also have always known that it wasn’t the most reliable source of information either. Knowing what I know about wikis, I now understand even more that Wikipedia is still a place to gather information, but to go about it cautiously.
Are you encountering resistance to using wikis in your class, either from others or from yourself? If so, how do you plan to respond?
I haven’t tried to use wikis in my classroom yet because I feel that I need to become a little more knowledgeable about them before I can teach my students about them. The only thing that I was hesitant about was that they may be too complicated or difficult to use with 2nd graders, but the more examples I look at and the more I think about wikis, the easier I feel that it might be to use wikis in my classroom. I look forward to trying to implement some of these ideas into my everyday curriculum very soon!


2 thoughts on “4-D-1 Wikis in Your Classroom

  1. Hi,
    I definitely understand what you mean about waiting for others’ thoughts. Sometimes it is easier if we could have the discussion in real time instead of waiting throughout the week. I did like how we worked together to create a product that we could be proud to submit.


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