3-D-2 Option B – Collaboration with Colleagues

Every year as part of our certification, we have to be observed and evaluated by our principal. Instead of being observed, we also have the choice to work on a research project. I think this would be a great opportunity to collaborative with other teachers to work together on a yearlong research project while implementing a Diigo account to help with the research.
I have always found assessment of students to be an interesting topic and often question whether my forms of assessment are best suited for my students. We all know that students learn different ways, so wouldn’t it make sense that they “show what they know” in different ways as well. I think working along with my fellow colleagues on developing a research project on all varieties of informal and formal assessments would turn out to be a great learning tool. We would hopefully gather results that could in turn help us to find the best ways to assess our students.
Using a Diigo account, we could create a group and then we could bookmark many different blogs, articles, resources, etc. that had to do with assessment. We could then check in periodically to see what information is being shared, and use that to build our knowledge base for our project and the presentation that would be the end result.


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