3-B-2 Learning via RSS

Before this class I had never heard of RSS, now I can’t stop thinking about how much of an asset it would have been while working on the numerous research papers that I have completed previously. I can’t imagine the time that would have been saved by not having to search the same topic over and over again!
I haven’t yet been able to think of how I could use RSS feeds to enhance my students’ learning because they are only in 2nd grade, but I know myself as the teacher could certainly take advantage of them. I think I would use RSS feeds simply to help keep up certain topics that have to do with enhancing my teaching. These topics could vary from classroom management, art project ideas, math tools, technology for the classroom, etc. These are topics that I am always willing to learn more about because I know they will certainly enhance my students’ learning, but they are not ones that I tend to take the time to search for from day to day. If time was unlimited and I wasn’t faced with so many other responsibilities in a day at school this would be something that I would certainly do. Now that I am familiar with RSS feeds, research on these topics is one click away. This will make so much information and research available to me daily, and I am so excited to be able to use it to improve my classroom and myself as a teacher.


One thought on “3-B-2 Learning via RSS

  1. I completely agree with you on the amount of work the RSS feed would have saved me when researching! The sad part is that while I had heard of them, I’d never learned how to use them or what they could do! I’m glad to have this information for further use!


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